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this is how you can master photoshop!

Book Cover

photoshop cc 2020 from scratch

Even if you have never ever touched photo editing before, this book will clear all your basics! This book has at least one example for almost every topic and the icing on the cake is, you can download the images that I used for those examples(wherever necessary I have also given the completed PSDs of the example in the same downloadable file as the sample images). After reading this book you will master:

-All the tools in Photoshop

-All the Layer Adjustments or Adjustment Layers

-And also some advanced stuff

This book is part 01 of the book series, “Master Photoshop”.  This book will not make you an expert but would build a strong foundation. Due to this foundation, you would be able to learn advanced stuff as if it was a piece of cake! Part 02 of this book series would make you an expert! (Part 02 is coming soon, you can learn more about it by scrolling down)

Before After

This is a quick sneak peek at what you are gonna learn in next few hours of reading this book. SPOILER ALERT! This is just the tip of the iceberg